No.01 - K_ESCO's E55 AMG

Owner: Khurt Escoffery | Pictures: CB5 Media


After owning multiple Audis, Khurt finally grew tired of the Rings and began to explore other options. The one that caught his eye was the E55 AMG for under $20k. Luxury, reliability and over 400hp! Khurt began researching like crazy, test drove his friend's full bolt on E55 and immediately fell in love. In 2016, he posted his Stage 3 2002 Audi A6 up for sale and began searching for the right E55. Khurt is a simple guy who didn't have many requirements at the time: 2005 —2006 E55 AMG *because they had 200mph on the dash*, White, Blue or Silver, No pano roof, Heated seats, and mileage under 100k. After a long time of searching he finally found it! A 2005 Silver, E55 with 90k, miles.

Within a month of owning it, Khurt already compiled a complete build list. He wanted his build to completely stand out from the average E55 and gain some social media recognition, but the most important factor for K_Esco was to represent his car club, "German Automotive Syndicate", aka "GAS ATL". Coming from the Audi world he realized that the AMG guys usually kept things simple and classy, well he thought it was time to shake it up a little. Khurt knew that changing the color of his AMG Black Rose Red was one of the first mods that would make him stand out.


"A huge thanks to my great friends who kept me motivated through the frustration I had with vendors and the incredible shops involved in this build. SoloMotorsports, Iconic Performance and Bremen Autowerks for all the advice and assistance. Also BC Forged for the wheel sponsorship, N'Style Wraps for the Wrap Job and Cb5 Media for the pics!" - Khurt



Exterior Mods:
 -Suvneer E63 Front conversion
 -Suvneer God Hand Carbon Fiber Lip
 -Suvneer Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Extensions
 -Suvneer Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser.
 -3M Black Rose Wrap
 -3M Gloss Black Roof Wrap
 -Tinted Rear ESS Tail Lights.
 -BC Forged HCS04S wheels
 -Wrapped in Continental DWS06 Tires

Performance Mods:
 -DTK 77mm Clutched Pulley
 -Creative Steel BWK with Gates Green Belt
 -UPD Idler Pulleys
 -550cc Injectors
 -PNR 5gal Trunk Tank
 -Eurocharged Heat Exchanger
 -Eurocharged ECU Tune
 -Eurocharged TCU Tune
 -PB5 Long Tubes Headers
 -W204 C63 Mufflers